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Company formed by an enthusiastic team, aware of the necessities when searching for quality lodging of short to medium term stay in the city of Madrid.

The project arises due to a concrete demand. Clients look for lodging with particular characteristics depending on quality and location as they come to Madrid for business or leisure purposes and always for a period less of than a year. Moreover he or she does not want to stay in a hotel as the need is of commodity and intimacy, an apartment being the appropriate solution during the stay.

Our main objective aside from offering a perfect and adequate apartament, is to make you feel at home during your stay without the need to worry about decorating your new home.

What makes us different is the personalized treatment we offer, as aside from recommending what we think is the apartment most suited to the existing necessities, we can help you out with whatever you believe will make your stay in Madrid more pleasant and simple.

The characteristics of our service are: rent of charming top quality apartments, entirely equipped and ready to answer to all sorts of demands, be those commodity or comfort. The variety of capacity for each of the apartments allows a comfortable lodging for from 1 person to 8, depending on the number of rooms, 1,2 or 3.

The length of stay is adapted to short or medium term, from 3 days to several months and with the possibility of increasing the stay depending on the needs. The apartments are exceptionally situated in the most emblematic areas of Madrid either in the centre of the city or in historical or easy to access neighborhoods of high business development.